dents earned three million venture six months
Zhu Shuhai 23 years age this yearly,surrounded July 2009 had impartial graduated from school April 2009, Zhu Shuhai embarked aboard during the internship begin of the road, founded the first children in Hefei Toy Lease Shop?? To the sun toy rental chain, Ltd. (hereinafter referred apt as "the sun"). It is reported namely as of October this year Zhu Shuhai of "the sun"development of 14 stores, a provincial franchise, Zhu Shuhai assets from the initial 300 000 translated into three million adventure chief.

"The sun"surrounded toys,children toys rental market rental, recovery, maintenance, Baby crib,pastime park plus other projects. Children's toy recall lease, as Hefei has never been a blank field,as a period along the medium parents, the vast concern, "the sun" of the store to the fast mutation of Anhui, Jiangsu and other areas.

With the size of the company's gradual expansion, "the sun"to preoccupy the headquarters of 25 campus graduates. "The sun" the veterans Zhushu Hai, the only 23-year-old companion among the toy rental market has established a marvel he also became successful entrepreneurs and academy students led the typical employment. Status

Join Two months of lease received only 45 dollars She has lived the provincial capital
Pearl South Garden District, this year's National Day, she joined the "the Sun" children's toys rental shops opened. Now,about two months behind She has a doll market which had leased only 3 times,connect up to only acquaint 45 dollars.

Speaking of joining "the sun" of the mind, Miss Pan said namely she namely Chinese and the toy rental mall latent She said: "I was a mum bought a lot of toys apt the children the babies activity with the exhausted whether someone recover lease would never have wasted!" Early in September, She has pedestal a apt the sun," Headquarters, spent over 30,000 yuan amid the initial fare won the regional promotion Proxy Right.

She has introduction,later the signing of the contract, October 1 Red Bottom Heels, her to the Sun" Pearl South Garden mart open for business barely to parents plus children inside the store,but it is seeing absent from rental. She has a wry smile: "fast two months, three days aboard November 6 Red Bottoms Shoes,seven,8 mathematics do rental happening renting three cordless doll automobile 15 dollars every,joining up apt only acquaint 45 dollars . "

11 morning of 25 I went to Ma On Shan South Road, Pearl South Garden District, Miss Pan's mart aboard the front door open among the district. More than 20 square meters size of the mart meantime stocked with a diversity of toys, one side covered with children's dressing.

I asked: is not a children's doll rental Well, how are children's dress it?"

She has said namely the store ought light lease 2400 a month,doll rental does never work,can only be sold with some children's clothing"Kids aboard this doll affix with the monthly lease or retain his job."

Deficit for two months are for purchase
In September this annual the provincial capital of Yu among the weekly is on Zhushu Hai to the sun", a juvenile man he the one hand, encouraged according the morale of entrepreneurship,on the one hand think is children's toys rental industry namely a quite agreeable industry . Yu said: "I like this industry,is guy's fine,likewise was the decision apt join it!"

9 the abolish of helping Zhushu Hai Yu, the store address of the election among a peaceful road approach the metropolis Huayuan International, Yu also from "the sun" headquarters into more than 10 thousand dollars of toys, single-mindedly apt start affair years. But Yu's to the Sun" opened a children's doll rental store,affair was quite poor,and sometimes do never open all day Yu said: "One daytime only do a small business selling a few dollars of gadgets, I am very pleased.&If you need further information just follow this:
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